Saturday, 2 February 2013

Was MacKenzie right?

Back in early December, the very outspoken Kelvin Mackenzie wrote a piece for the Telegraph about the notion of the South "carrying the rest of the country" from an economic perspective.

Unsurprisingly the comments section directed lots of flak MacKenzie's way, most of it justifiable.  My first reaction was probably included a few swear words as well. Part of that was due to my recollection as a youngster that every time something was being developed to move the country forward, the viewpoint was that "it has to be in London / South because everything else is here" - a logic that used to make me very angry.  The other part was his ignorance of the fact that the UK had grown to its lofty position in the world because of its industrial and military dominance over the preceding centuries, most of which had been sourced from across the breadth of Britain in the lives and labours.

Of course the notion of MacKenzie writing in the Telegraph was one designed to provoke uproar.  That there was any surprise in that was a surprise in itself.

I did however sit and wonder if he had a point or if he was right.  Strangely enough, to me, he is correct, but not in the way he probably thinks.  To me it's not the south that needs special treatment and needs to go it alone, but that the rest of the nation needs to look at itself and in many respects needs to mimic London and the south.  There needs, for me, to be a revolution in the regions so that they develop their own economic prosperity to move forward. 

Notice the words "their own".  I'm not talking about waiting or expecting government to deign to drop one of it's bright ideas on us for a little special pot here or a little special business park here.  It often strikes me as tokenism and it still leaves our future in someone else's hands.  What I'm talking about is generating our own economic "revolution", here in Nottinghamshire.  I happen to think every other county should do likewise but the intention of this blog is to move Nottingham forward.

There are a few reasons for this and they are linked to each other.

The first is that it's just good sense.  If you spend any time over at the Witterings from Witney blog, you will see its owner, talk often about Switzerland.  If you haven't, go take a read.  In essence, the whole nation moves along through the exercise of democracy at local level.  Swiss Cantons are very important components of Switzerland.   As another commentator pointed out (and I can't find the link at the moment), this gives Switzerland a very powerful advantage. There is redundancy built into the system.  Because each region is taking care of its own affairs, a failure in one area does not impact the whole too much.

If Nottingham was its own top to bottom success story  it could better withstand a downturn not only inside a part of Nottinghamshire, but also a downturn in an area like London.  A Nottingham that was just one success story in a nation full of them would not only reduce the risk of a downturn in one area but would become another source of growth in an economy floundering around for growth right now.

The other reason can be found in many of those blogs I pointed you to in a previous post.  You'll see that most are talking often about the EU and right now the referendum. A key question for them is, if we vote to get out of the EU, what is the plan for afterwards? 

They're right - you can't just vote to leave the EU and everything be hunky dory on day one of a free Britain.   You have to have a plan to survive and thrive in the aftermath.  With Labour saying you can't have a referendum and Dave saying he'll campaign to stay in, it seems they're not putting together a plan for thriving if we vote to leave (presuming of course we actually get a vote on it).  There have to be plans for both economic and democratic dimensions. If they won't plan for it, we have to (and would probably make a better job of it)

The democratic dimension is being worked on right certainly by some of the bloggers I mentioned in my previous post with their work on what is known as the Harrogate Agenda.  Economically both they and myself are trying to point out that our entire economic future is not tied to staying in the EU as our politicians and the press are trying to claim.  There are emerging economies out there and some real success stories and we could be engaging and trading with them to power our growth out of this recession.

Yes there's a recession on and right now it's biting in Nottingham, but we should not wait for the so called great and the good nor rely on other regions for our wealth and welfare.  We need a revolution for success right here in Nottinghamshire.  Don't wait for them.  Get started now

That however is down to each and every single one of us to power it.

Friends of ours

In the movie Donnie Brasco, there is a scene in which the title character is introduced to some of the nuances of language amongst the mafia and the vital difference between the phrase "He's a friend of mine" and "he's a friend of ours".  Essentially "He's a friend of ours" is a way of saying you can all trust him and he's okay by all of us.

With that in mind I want to introduce to a few friends of ours.  No they're not mafia but they are people worth listening to what they have to say.  They are (in no particular order):

Witterings from Witney
Autonomous Mind
EU Referendum
Nourishing Obscurity
The Boiling Frog

There are many, many more who are worth reading, but they're a fantastic start.  Also if you're anything like me, blog reading is quite addictive and by the time you're done you've read dozens of blogs and lost hours of your day.

I recommend you visit the work of these people.  They'll take you on a trip and show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.  They will tell you things that will really open your eyes. 

At the risk of sounding patronising (which isn't intended), some of the stuff you're introduced to, might be a bit heavy going at first.  Please stick with it.  Once you get into them, you'll begin to understand that you're in the middle of a scary story, one that could well change the course of life. When you learn what you're about to learn, you'll wonder why the papers and the news aren't asking these questions.  Once you've thought about that long enough, you'll begin to come to a number of different conclusions, including the notion that they just swallow the drivel they're given by who do not see their job as working for us but for serving their own interests.

The down side is with all this reading is that things are the way they are because we're sleepwalking into this scenario because we don't want to take an interest in politics.  They're not just getting away with it.  They're getting away with it - with our permission.  We're hoping against hope that if we ignore it, it will leave us alone.  I'm sorry, people of Nottinghamshire, but no matter how much you want that to be true it won't be. As it has been said elsewhere, if we don't take an interest in politics, politics will take an interest in us.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

And so we begin...

Firstly welcome to what I referred to elsewhere as an "experiment".  I have an idea of what I'm trying to do and achieve here, but I'm not certain if I will succeed.

In short what I do in my spare time, is blog.  I write stuff.  I have another site called Restoring Britain which you're more than welcome to visit.  In fact I would encourage it because even if you don't learn something from my site, it's linked to the sites of other fine bloggers all with a similar aim.  That aim is simple - to tell you what's really going on behind the scenes that has caused this country to drop onto its knees.

Britain is in a bad way.  I happen to think she is on her knees right now and I care about that.  I was born here and Britain's condition worries me.  Not only for the sake of Britain but for that of my children and the people that live here. 

There are too many reasons why Britain is where she is right now to explain it all in a single post.  That's what I hope to do in forthcoming posts. In short I think you're being sold down the river.  I think you're being hoodwinked, duped and generally being taken for a mug by a whole host of people and organisations telling you one thing and doing another.  Why are they doing this?  Because it suits them to.  If you learn what I and my fellow bloggers have learned in recent years you will see people courting power and prestige, helping themselves to more and more of your cash and telling you that they're doing it all for you in an open transparent and honest way. To me these people are a bit like that guy in the Tottenham riots in 2010.  You know, the one caught on CCTV pretending to help a mugging victim back on to his feet only to start helping himself to the contents of the victims bag. 

What's worse is they're doing because you're letting them! That might sting a little bit I know, but it's true.  They know you've switched off and for all they make a noise about that, secretly it suits them.  If you're asleep, they can help themselves and they are doing.  In some areas they're getting more brazen about it.  It's not just money, it's promises too.  Promise you one thing, deliver something totally different.  They're doing it because people have switched off in droves.  They're doing it because not enough people are saying "hang on a minute".

I'm not saying all of them.  Some are fighting honourable battles to be honest and to stop this wholesale pilfering, but they're too few and far between and there are too many special interest groups sidelining these people.  Worse still they are being aided by the press who are either deliberately telling a story to confuse you or are asleep at the wheel and failing to dig a little deeper into what's really going on.  I know that sounds a little like tin foil hat stuff, but if you've done what many fellow bloggers have done and dig a little deeper into a story you find things that paint a whole different picture. 

Now I've been blogging about some of this stuff over at my other place.  I've been trying to get people to wake up and get their country back on its feet using legal and legitimate means and bring an honest an open democracy back and to get this nation thriving again.  I'll continue to do so, but to be honest not many people are listening.

Part of me wonders if one of the reasons for that is because people don't see it applying to them.  They somehow think politics and everything that is happening, is happening somewhere else.  I wonder if people who read my blog from across the country think it's all about somewhere else. They're thinking it doesn't concern or affect them.  Unfortunately it does affect you.  Every single day it affects you, your family and your futures whether you like it or not. 

It affects everyone here in Nottinghamshire and the City. So I decided to bring my blog local.  For me, turning this country around is a numbers game.  It needs people to understand what is going on and standing up and turning things around and I'm going to try and do that locally. If we can get Nottinghamshire back on the road to recovery then maybe it will catch on and other counties will do the same.

Don't worry it won't just be about politics.  I'm going to be talking about all kinds of things Nottingham because I'm working on a simple premise.  I get involved and I tell you.  You get involved and you tell someone.  They get involved and...well you get the picture.  That involved can be anywhere.  Everyone has something to give and that might not be politics.  I want us all to have the opportunity to prosper and live long free happy lives and that means a whole host of things need fixing that I'll tell you about with a Nottingham perspective.

One thing is for certain, sitting on our hands is no longer an option because I have seen what is down the road if we do nothing.  All I can tell you is, you won't like it.